Reduced Billing Time from 15 days to 1

The client is a cloud telephony services provider and the end customer calls/activity were charged for usage/minutes or sometimes for number of events. This depended on the services/products used and what plans customers were on. The legacy Mediation was implemented as 3 steps namely: Mediation (Custom Application implemented in Spring Batch), Open Rate for Rating logic and finally jBilling CE 2.0 for Charging the customers on the platform. 

15 days delay in sending invoices

The above setup would take 15 days to send out the invoices accurately on a manual process where in raw cdr files were copied by the custom mediation batch into its own location. These files (in megabytes) had to be moved manually to feed to the Open Rate rating implementation (Customized rating logic/rules defined in flat formatted text fifiles) which priced every call based on the customized defined logic. This generated rated flat files which were manually fed to jBilling CE 2.0 for charging. Subsequently, one technical person would watch the whole process and run tests to validate that the mediation > rating > charging process did not result in any errors or inaccuracies. If there were errors, the whole process had to be redone utilizing backups made along the way. This was extremely painful and typically the invoices which had to go out on 1st of the month, would go after 10th and most often around mid month.

Automation Followed by Upgrade to Simple Billing

After the contracts were signed, Web Data divided the implementation into 2 parts: Automation of the existing process, followed by a full upgrade to Web Data's Billing platform.

Part I - Automation was simple because most of it was scripting activity removing manual activity and orchestrating/scheduling jobs so that they do not overlap or have to wait for input. No files were manually fed to any system olong the way. This also required fixing bugs in the Custom Batch application, Open Rate and jBilling CE2.0, with email notifications added for any error for immediate handling. By this time, invoices started going out on 1st of every month, and at least, the collections could now be done early.

Part II was a full upgrade to Simple Billing, where the Custom Batch and the Open Rate were replaced by a simple plugin in Web Data Billing and core pricing module of Simple Billing respectively. Therefore, 3 applications were replaced with just 1. The upgrade not only provided powerful rating and pricing engine built into the core but also required less number of product definitions to handling diverstiy charging logic. Removing 2 extra systems reduced chances of errors in integration/orchestration, which were very common maintenance activity after the Part I implementation.

The Customer is extremely happy now and focussing on their indispensible functions of Sales and Client servicing.