Simple Billing is well equipped with features which are not only diverse (from order to cash) but also brings them in a configurable manner to achieve use cases of major billing requirements.

Full API integration

Support for ReST and SOAP API to achieve complete integration with CRM and provisioning systems.

Resellers & Differential Pricing

This is a unique feature that allows setting up differential pricing by virtual of having hierarchy of companies each of which is playing a specific role like in Telco Industry, MVNO's are virtual organizations that work on differential pricing and bill-on-behalf.

Asset Management

Whether it is SIM cards or Phone or other kind of hardware or software asset like a phone number, that needs to be tracked for its lifecycle, assignment, customer and pricing configuration, maintaining and configuring unique lifecycle per asset, is achievable out of the box in SB.

Rate Cards and Complex Pricing Engine

Calls are often billed based on their route. Similarly, SMS or other events can all be billed on mutliple criterias with the help of configurable and large extensible rate cards. SB also makes maintaining rate cards by allowing easy upload and management tool on the GUI so that it does not have to be downloaded in excel for minor tweaks.

Tax & Accounting Integration

SB Integrates with major payment gateways like Stripe, RazorPay, Cardpoint, BPoint, EziDebit and others. 

Addtionally it comes with Accounting and ax Integration with Xero, Zoho, Quickbooks, Tally Prime, Suretax, US Tax provider CSI.

Fully Customizable Rating, Billing, Payments, Collections and Integrations.

SB brings every function in one place easily integratable via API to support Customer Management, Order Manager and complete order to cash system and collections via payments ingtegration and collections lifecycle which is configurable.