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Telecom - Energy and Other Utilities

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

Usage Billing functions and Revenue Assurance functions are achiles heel for Telecom and Other Utiilties

Telecom industry has to deal with humongous amounts of raw data files and make billing sense out of those based on the customer's profile, plans and laws. Biling is key function for a Telecommunications company ensuring not only order to cash operations but also customer happiness.

“The Billing and Revenue management solution helps ISPs reduce revenue leakages by managing and monitoring billing and collections and delivering complex services smoothly.”

Simple Billing helps telcos exactly as stated above by providing tools to detect rating/charging failures, superior control over product and price modelling solutions by WYSIWYG editors. This results in both business effectiveness and customer happiness.

Energy Billing

Billing is no less complex for Power Utilities, Oil, Gas

Simple Billing brings order-to-cash solution that offers complete management of customer, complex tiered/volume pricing plans that address needs of Energy Companies. One feature of Child Companies helps achieve and controllably manage Reseller & Differential pricing accross geographies for the same products/services.

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